A tongue-in-cheek local multiplayer game about politics and deception.

Designed to be played with a custom controller, players aim to score points by secretly voting on policies that benefit their nation, and against ones that benefit their political opponent. The twist is that neither players knows which policies actually benefit themselves, and must find out based on how their opponent votes.

IMPORTANT: This game was designed for use with a custom controller and audio setup. The secret audio uses the left and right stereo channels in any set of earphones to give each player different information. The custom controller uses pseudo-keyboard inputs which can be performed on normal keyboards as follows:

'W' to finalise the round and progress through when the press button prompts appear.

'A' for player 1's vote.

'G' for player 2's vote.

'R' to restart the game.

Published Aug 17, 2016
AuthorKael Jessup